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After All That We've Gone Through, We Really Needed This

August - September 2021

After All That We’ve Gone Through, We Really Needed This illustrates how music festivals represent vital spaces for the rekindling of social interaction and creative self-expression following sixteen months of social distancing and self isolation. Traditionally known as places of creative sanctuary and artistic liberation, music festivals offer audiences the opportunity to break free of everyday societal constraints and to perform identities outside those of normal day to day life. Shot over ten days and across 6 festivals, this collection asks questions as to where and when the ‘performance’ really exists within the festival, moving the gaze from the stage to the crowd, while capturing the joy, release, connectivity, and community for those attending festivals for the first time since 2019.

(series description by Dr Oliver Peterson Gilbert, Goldsmiths, University of London)

crowd, couple kissing, trees
tow ladies, women
Woman, blue jumpsuit, suit, jump, hand in air
guy eating an ice cream
A Couple Kiss At The Big Top, kissing
security, gig police, red hair, ginger
lights, flash, tent, blue hat, durag
A Couple Hug After Nao's Performance, rubbish, litter
9) 210908000000130033-1b.jpg
crowd by barrier, guitar
Crew at We Out Here Festival
Milli at Brainchild Festival, skinhead, piercings
Balloon, red, sunglasses, glasses
bass player, backstage
Demae having stepped off stage at Cross The Tracks
Nubya Garcia smiling, glasses, sunglasses
Covid tests as earrings,
Che Lingo and Novelist, tent
guy on shoulders, man, shirt in the air
Crowd at Yung Singh
Peace, sign, shadows, reflections
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