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An example of a project incorporating my sound art & photography:
Notting Hill Carnival 2022

**** With the DYCP grant I would experiment with making longer-form, character-based montages with added musical elements, so that they warrant being art pieces in their own right, and not just devices to accompany my photographs.

2) 2209100617-1B.jpg
10) 2209100408-1B.jpg
20) 2209100509-1B.jpg
22) 2209100520-1B.jpg
12) 2209100312-1B.jpg
13) 2209100404-1B.jpg

We Come One's review in Huck Magazine

We Come One's Fundraising Exhibition in March 2023

After All That We've Been Through, We Really Needed This gets reviewed by The Basement

My portrait of Wayne is the first in British Journal of Photography's Portrait of Humanity vol. 3 Book

Peace, sign, shadows, reflections
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