Jack In The Green, Hastings
May 2022

The Jack In The Green Festival is an annual event taking place in various parts of the British seaside town of Hastings. A four day event that attracts thousands every year, it is a May Day Celebration centred around the symbolic figure of Jack In The Green. Along with Morris dancing, folk singing, ceilidhs and general traditional merriment, the festival culminates in a costumed parade around the city - often referred to as one of the most bizarre parades in Britain.


boy with hand out infront of park
glass, eye, eyepiece
mushrooms, vivid colours
morris dancers, feet
Morris' Handkerchief
hanky, tea towel, white, morris, women
Ram, horse, sheep
Children On The Shoulders Of Adults
Mushroom Lady
Woman, vessel, feathers, Jack in the green
crows, black birds, hat
flower head dress
Girl, Father, flowers
skirts, legs, children
children, kerb, sitting, down, pavement
Mushrooms, camera, costumes
man. squeeze, box, squeezebox
Morris Hat, city, skyline, town
Peace, sign, shadows, reflections