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We Come One

Ongoing: May 2022 - Present

We Come One captures the collaborative, spontaneous group-energy that develops within England’s free, public and culturally significant gatherings, theorised as ‘collective effervescence’ by French proto-sociologist Émile Durkheim.


Set in a post-lockdown, cost-of-living crisis England, these folkloric events are attracting record-breaking crowds eager to explore their heritage & identity, whilst celebrating togetherness during a period defined by social isolation, political discord & international alienation.


By documenting the magic that occurs within these cultural gatherings and making portraits of those contributing, We Come One aims to emphasise their significance as conduits for belonging, community and collective escapism.

Hastings' Jack In The Green

Notting Hill Carnival
is included in this project, but is also its own series so has its own page here

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