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Ongoing: March 2021 - Present

Inspiration: Harry Gruyaert
November 2023

Harry Gruyaert

It’s a dance.

“Photography to me is very much like a dance. Your own body physically moves into a landscape, in an environment, and it’s your eye, your body, [that] moves in this environment … trying to find the things you really like and you’re really excited about and which makes sense. And that’s really wonderful, I really miss when I don’t take pictures for a long time, it’s this …. [acts out the action of having a camera to his face bobbing and weaving to find the right angle]”

Harry Gruyaert


Harry Gruyaert’s intuitive style of shooting is incredibly inspirational. I absolutely love his framing, sense of colour and versatility as a visual artist. He is able to photograph a chaotic urban environment so that it seems sensical, but also make beautifully sparse photographs of landscapes that look like paintings. Through his use of colour (amongst other techniques) he is able to elicit a wide array of emotions for the viewer - something that I’m hoping to achieve as I seek to improve my colour awareness. In my eyes he is a true master of observation, and - as he views his practice as means of engaging with life and what he is passionate about - I admire his philosophy too.


Noon By Noor London Fashion Week Presentation
September 2023

Had a great time photographing behind the scenes for a London Fashion Week Presentation by Noon By Noor.

Huck Mag - Redefining English Identity, One Folkloric Event At A Time
May 2023

My ongoing personal project We Come One gets reviewed by Huck Mag with an article written by Isaac Muk. The full review can be found here.

We Come One Exhibition at Four Corners, London
March 2023

My first solo exhibition featured 44 colour photographs and an audio montage. It was attended by over 200 people across a week and raised £3650 in print sales, which will go towards funding this ongoing project. In 2025 I would have documented over 20 folkloric events and will have a major exhibition and book launch. The latest in this series can be viewed here

Photo credit: Juliana Vasquez

We Come One Promotional Video
March 2023

Had a lot of fun making this short video to promote the exhibition.

Additional Credits:

Project & Curatorial Consultant - Dr Oliver Peterson Gilbert

Graphic Designer - Beccy Burgin

Video Consultant - Ben Armstrong

Soundtrack - England by Salpa

British Journal of Photography's Portrait of Humanity Award
December 2021

I was shortlisted for the award and was overjoyed to see that my portrait of Wayne was the first in the book.

The Basement - A Nostalgic Visual Ode To Last Summer's Return Of Music Festivals
December 2021

My project After All We've Been Through, We Really Needed This - which documents the return of England's music festivals following two years of social restrictions - gets featured in The Basement. 

Google UK's Ally Complete Challenge with Jessie Ware, Ramla Ali, Katherine Ryan & her husband
September 2021

Had a great time being the Stills Photographer on set.

Rag n Bone Man's Crossfire Music Video Shoot
September 2021

Really enjoyed shooting BTS for this music video, which can be viewed here.

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