January - August 2022

Portraits from England, St Lucia and Spain.

Man, hat, lounging, leaning
hoodie, boy, black
woman, blue, dog, ginger, redhead
Man red hat, beard
man, girl, shoulders, glasses
man, bench, hat, squeeze box, squeezebox
ice cream, dog, hat, woman
boy, indian, man, asian, ear phones
black, woman, headphone, earphones
woman infront shop, smiling
crew, gang, scaffolding, black hoodie
kissing, couple, adidas
women, posing, peace
family, 70s, baby, pram, stylish
The Most Beautfiul Woman In The World
boy, wall
man, black, white top, jumper
glasses, black, woman, girl, babygirl
family of people, street, prams
Peace, sign, shadows, reflections